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My name is Jason and I have over 20 years experience of providing design for print to businesses, charities and organisations. My company, Hyphen, is well placed to provide your business with all of your design or print management requirements. My speciality lies in being able to ensure your company image is portrayed correctly for your target audience on your marketing materials.

This includes making sure your printing is on the right material for the job. Designed in an attractive but also in an eye catching way. But, most importantly, gets the message across to your audience what your business does. As a result Hyphen can take the headache out of having to have an employee waste hours try to sort out the design and print sourcing.

Hyphen does these tasks every working day, throughout the day. So finally what will take you hours to attempt to organise, I can get right in a fraction of the time and cost. With 20 years working in the design & print industry I have perfect knowledge of what makes a good and effective graphic layout.

read more › With your logo in place, it is important to make sure all of your marketing materials are attractive, easy to read and have a consistent style. Whether we created your logo originally or you already have one in place that you're proud of, we can creatively build on your style and extend it through to your printed materials and online presence. At Hyphen, we have a huge experience of creating fresh new marketing collateral for a wide variety of clients and industries. Whether you require a design for your stationery, business cards, publicity flyers, brochures or signage, we can make sure your brand message is powerful and consistent all the way through.

read more › When it comes to your image, everything you do within your company, including the services or products that you provide, should reflect the aspirations of your business and how you want your business to be perceived. With my extensive commercial understanding and creative know-how, I can guarantee that your designs will be produced to an exceptionally high standard, every time. We chose to work with Hyphen on our nursery's branding, based on their previous experience in the industry and their impressive portfolio of branding work.

read more › Enhancing your brand through the best choice of printed materials and exhibition displays. In addition to the graphic design work, Hyphen also provides a wide range of print management services. I will also source print for all your marketing collateral. In addition I have access to an extensive range of branded promotional items. Plus a range of exhibition stands and displays as well. My print management services does just as the name says. I will manage the printing of your business stationery or marketing materials to save you the hassle.

read more › More new companies were registered in Leicestershire during 2016 than in any previous year. As a Leicestershire-based creative, I know how important it is to Start-up Business to help build a brand with strong foundations. Your identity is what you will come to be recognised by. As first of all this is the starting point of your target audience building a perception of your company. Your brand is your reputation. Therefore it makes sense to get it right from the start, to have the best chance of success.

read more › Ultimately how well out and put together the layout is designed is key. It obviously helps to get better results from your marketing. Most importantly the key message is put across. Not just in the text but in the style, images and the way it is all laid out. As a result a well balanced design get the attention and consequently the desired action from the target audience. Generally speaking this is the same for all design, graphic and website. Obviously with websites the design is fluid and can change, where as print is fixed.

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