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Hullabaloo Visual Communications Hullabaloo is a graphic company with bags of experience working with all sorts of people. From local companies, to national and multi-national brands, we believe that we are different. Different because we deliver creative design solutions through innovative thinking and a real passion for making projects come to life.

read more › Your brand design will be the face you show your customers, so it's vital to get it right. That's why working with professional logo designers like Hullabaloo can be invaluable to the future of your business. Branding design (or Visual Identity, or Brand Corporate Identity or just plain old Company Logo Design - take your pick) was once brilliantly described as 'an outward sign of an inward commitment' - and like the clothes we wear, our facial expressions, or the tone of voice we use - it says a great deal about how we see ourselves and how we would like to be seen.

read more › Exciting, flexible, convincing, cost effective - however you describe it, Digital design is probably the most important development in visual communications of this century. Hullabaloo are working with a wide range of clients throughout the world to create websites, movies, apps and training platforms. We take pride in ensuring our digital projects are not just a technical excercise (although we have that covered) but a communication tool - less about the technology, and more about planning and delivering your message in the best and most effective way.

read more › Printed brochures, leaflets, catalogues, folders and exhibitions have always been the corner stone in any marketing design arsenal - and with so many digital communications today, a well designed, printed item is a serious marketing tool that can make all the difference in winning that contract or selling that product. In a virtual world, they deliver a tangible reality. Something you can hold, something you can touch - where you can feel the quality and see that it is real. And as a printed communications company, Hullabaloo can maximise its impact.

read more › Creating a campaign gives Hullabaloo the chance to bring all of our diverse creative skills to bear in one focussed project. Whether it is launching a new product, supporting an exhibition or event, or simply promoting and raising awareness of your brand, it gives us a real chance to get our teeth into the message!. As a full service creative agency, we love working with a wide range of clients across the world to create striking, entertaining and memorable campaign messages that we can deliver through all kinds of visual media.

read more › There are hundreds of reasons why you need to train your team - from creating a culture and helping teams to work together, to understanding your products or services and learning the best ways to create a great customer experience. There are also hundreds of reasons why getting your team in one place for structured training may not be practical. Cost, geography, remote teams, competing schedules, numbers, lost work time, venues - you get the picture. That's why we have developed a remote web-based online learning system that puts you - and your team - in control of their training.

read more › We will always try to be flexible about how we work with you - but over the years we've developed our own way of working that we find suits most clients. It helps to give structure and strength to our creative process. We have been providing a full service Graphic Design approach to clients for more than 20 years. This has taught us that the first and most important part of any job is simply to sit down and listen to the customer. That's how we get to know them and the way they think, learn all about both the product or service they offer or the message they want to convey, and define the specific requirements of their brief.

read more › We are proud of all the brands we work with - but here are some of the more famous ones you will probably recognise. We don't stick to one industry, and we don't demand blue chip credentials - we like to keep our work as varied as possible. It helps us do new things and keeps us sharp - helping you and your team to see the wood for the trees. Although we had an idea of what we were after, you turned it into a reality and made it even better than we could have imagined. I'm so grateful for this - I just tried posting a 5 Star review on Google about you.

read more › We love talking to clients to find out about their projects and how we can help, so get in touch today on 01509 224466 and let's start talking. Contact Hullabaloo today. A phone call is great, but it's even better to talk face to face. Just give us a call to arrange something, or drop us a line below to join our mailing list. You're welcome to visit our studio in Loughborough - slap bang in the middle of the country and a stone's throw from the railway station - or we'll travel to you if you prefer.

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