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Lillian Kelly Design We pride ourselves on our friendly vibes, approachable nature and website & graphic design creativity. We have a diverse, eclectic, mix of experience that brought together ensures we create your vision. We have worked with a variety of industries of all shapes and sizes and love presenting back what we can do for you.

There's no time like now Whilst we sit here and tell people how to get the best from their website, their marketing and maintaining their brand, it is easy to neglect our own Ducks, let along getting them in a row.Things at Lillian Kelly have never been busier, and the work we're carrying out.

read more › You have one chance to make a first impression, why run the risk of ruining your chances before you have even begun. In short, we design stuff, and we do it well. From brand images and logos, to national Franchise websites and everything in between. We pride ourselves on great websites (from concept to showtime) and rather dashing graphic design for brochures, posters, building hoarding (the list is long). Are you unsure of where your brand is going, or if it really represents your business? Let us treat you to a beverage, shower you with buzzwords and then blow you away with what we can do.

read more › Yes we know we're like a broken record, and that first impressions are vital to new business, and that a bad first impression can sometimes be impossible to bounce back from. We love drawing, innovating, creating and most of all we love seeing clients beam with pride when they show their business cards with their great new logo! We research, we tap into your likes and dislikes and we worship Deities for creative inspiration (ok maybe not, but we shout Jesus Christ a lot!). Can we help you rebrand your company, design that eye-catching logo?

read more › In a busy day and age most people don't have, or want to invest, the time into reading lines and lines of copy. You can no longer rely on printing handouts from Word to give to perspective clients, and if you're looking to amaze then templates from online mass printers will do you more harm than good! We get your points, personality and stamp on stationary, brochures, adverts (digital and print) and much much more - if it needs to look good, we are the people to put the makeup on!

read more › In recent years it has been widely recognised that your website is now your shop front - and actually the case for a lot of businesses! But more now than ever, your website's appearance, usability and initial captivating power is imperative. A lot of small businesses rely on word of mouth recommendations, but what is the first thing you do when someone recommends a business to you? You go online and check them out, and if you're not looking up to expectations the recommendation is forgotten, along with your business.

read more › We have two main goals for Lillian Kelly moving forward and they are: create awesome looking things, and treat the client right. We want you to not only be proud of the work done, but to feel welcome in our club and happy with the whole process. There are many ways to skin a cat as they say, and everyone is different, so we will continue to learn and continue to evolve.

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