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Peter Magnus Design Peter Magnus Design is a Watford graphic design company, our graphic design and website design clients are charities, start-ups, small & medium sized businesses. Examples include graphics we've done for Bushey Baptist Church and WHHT (West Herts Hospitals Trust), there's also animated gifs for WHHT. Potential clients often want know how we work, here's a page we've made with information about our logo design process.

We work mainly in Watford, also in Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Herts, Bucks, Beds and London. As we're in Abbots Langley, we're really well placed, being pretty much centred between Watford, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans. You can contact us by phone, email or message us, we can also meet up, at our office or at your work place. Our work includes design, production and application for van signs in the Watford, Hemel Hempstead & St Albans area.

read more › Peter Magnus Design is a Watford graphic design business. We have business, charity and health care clients - some in the Watford area, some in the wider area of Herts, Beds, Bucks and north London. Please contact us, if you're looking for a Watford graphic design business. We'd be happy to chat about the possibility of working with you, we can give you prices for your small or big project.

read more › Here's our graphic design support team. There's a lot of aspects to graphic design, phone calls, emails and meetings with clients, work out prices, doing the graphic design and organising production. I'm the graphic designer and website designer, Edna, my wife does all sorts of tasks - along with photography for Blue Orange Images and Watford Photographers. Edna and John are also photographers and owners of two photography companies, also based in our garden office. Here's Edna's profile on Blue Orange Images.

read more › We're graphic designers in Abbots Langley, north Watford (just behind the Harry Potter studio), and have been doing graphic design and website design for businesses and charities for quite a few years. Contacting us is easy - there's usually someone in the office, if not you can send an email, you can also phone or message me (John) on 0777 999 1551. If you're on the hunt for graphic designers in Watford, we'd be happy to hear from you with any questions on prices and how we might be able to help your business or charity.

read more › We've done marketing and design for business clients, also website design for a lot of clients. Peter Magnus Design have got good experience with lots of different kinds of businesses. When we work for new businesses we often learn about new areas of business - which we find really interesting. We love working with start-up businesses, we've worked with lots over them - many are still in existence today - as established businesses. Most start-up businesses need to be pretty careful with money as they start their businesses, we have a great deal of experience in getting the very best out of pretty small design and promotion budgets.

read more › I was helped while I was at college by being given graphic design placements and advice by graphic designers including Chris Tidy (TVC - Tidy Visual Communications in Bushey, Herts), Dennis Fairey Associates, Berkhamsted, Alan Fletcher (Pentagram, London). These people gave me their time in the way of interviews, going through my design portfolio and giving me placements. We have helped various school and college students over the years, we are very happy to hear from tutors, teachers, students and parents.

read more › Website that we designed and built for business start-up, Repstall Ltd in Dunstable, they are plumbers and heating engineers. If you've got questions about promoting your start-up business and for prices, we'd be keen to do our best to give you some answers. You can contact John on 01923 350596, 0777 999 1551, or

read more › We're very grateful for all the businesses and charities that have chosen us as their logo designer in Watford. Here's a flavour of some of the logos that we've designed. We aim to portray the identity of each business or charity that use us to design their logos. One of charities we did a logo for was Garden House Hospice Care in Welwyn Garden City, Herts. Potential clients often want know how we work, here's a page we've made with information about our logo design process. Those logos may be applied to many items, or for a small business, they may only be used in two or three items - maybe a business card, Word doc letterhead and some social media graphics and websites.

read more › We've designed and developed brands and logos for various Watford businesses and charities. The brand style encouraged designs using a variety of colours. The diagram shows the logo set against the various colours. The numbers below each brand background colour are Pantone colours (opens in a new tab), which is a standardised system that allows graphic designers, branding and marketing people and printers and sign companies to keep good consistency throughout various designed items. Brand graphics to promote a Peace Hospice Care at Watford FC, encouraging fans to make donations by text.

read more › Here's the van graphics we designed for D & P Decorating Group Ltd, we also organised the production and application of the vinyl graphics. Our work includes design, production and application for van signs in the Watford area, and have been doing graphics for vehicles for quite a few years - the largest vehicle that we've designed graphics for was an Arriva bus. The graphics were for Peace Hospice Care, a charity in Watford. D & P Decorating were a start-up business, they asked us to design and produce various items for them:.

read more › We'd be happy to hear from you about graphic design for events that your business or charity needs. We've designed things like flyers, posters, social media graphics, vinyl banners & pull-up banners. We've got a bit of experience - you're very welcome to get in touch for prices, advice and graphic design. We can organise production of flyers, posters and vinyl banners too.

read more › Does your charity or organisation need information leaflet design for digital and print leaflets - to inform service users and potential service users?. We've built up a good deal of experience in designing, producing and maintaining suites of information and service leaflets. We've designed those for many aspects of the care sector, including leaflets explaining services like hospice at home, inpatient units, a guide to our services and services for children and young people. We've designed the style for suites of leaflets, taking into account whether particular leaflets needed to show small amounts of information - 2 page, 4 page, 6 page or more.

read more › Here's the story of how we went about this project and what we needed to take into account to do a good job. Most British people recognise church buildings. Church buildings tend to have a certain shape and even modern style churches normally have a particular architectural style. We probably don't need signs to to tell us that a church building is a church, but people who want to attend need to know what its name is, and when the church services happen, maybe they want to know which denomination (a group of church that agree on a set of beliefs, Baptist, Methodist, Church of England are examples) it is too.

read more › These social media adverts are part of a social media campaign to promote Petefire Artist Blacksmith's Experience Days. We came up with the idea as Petefire wanted to encourage women to book Experience Days - women book 95% of experience days - normally for husbands and fathers. Peter (Petefire) knows quite a few women that are professional blacksmiths.

read more › Here is some graphic design for animated gifs, showing a set of a simple CQC inspection animated gifs that we did for WHHT West Herts Hospitals Trust to demonstrate their progress from an earlier CQC inspection. WHHT (West Hertfordshire Hospitals Trust) Watford General Hospital, CQC inspection gifs graphics. WHHT (West Hertfordshire Hospitals Trust) Hemel Hempstead Hospital, CQC inspection gifs graphics.

read more › We design and print stationery for quite a few of our clients, including business cards, letterheads and compliment slips, we also design and produce Word doc letterhead templates, which are often popular. We also designed, produced and applied graphics for their vans, we designed and built their website and did site boards for them. Business cards designed and printed for Watford based waterway and environmental Community Interest Company. We designed their logo too. Business cards designed and printed for BR Commercials, an Alyesbury based mobile mechanic working on commercial vehicles.

read more › There's a long history of designing and building websites at Peter Magnus Design. We've been doing it since 1999. In the first few years I did the design work, then worked with website building specialists. From 2003 I started building most of our clients' websites myself. The first websites we built was our own one, a website for a podiatrist in Bushey, Herts and a website for Watford Borough Council's leisure department, promoting their leisure centres, leisure and sports activities, Watford Museum and arts projects.

read more › We are very keen on clients and potential clients asking questions about our services and graphic design. We want people to be confident in our service and clear about how things work. We've also got a website design questions page. Here are some questions that clients and prospective clients often ask about graphic design and our services. Please contact us with any other questions. The graphic above shows colours for the brand design that we developed for Watford's Peace Hospice Care. Normally I come up with colour options for logos, identities and designs, but we're really pleased to work with clients if they have particular preferences.

read more › A large amount of our work is graphic design for small business, several have been in the Watford, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans in Herts and the North London area. The biggest aspect of graphic design for small business is to use the best methods for each individual business. This may vary quite a bit, depending on their market and the kind of customer that they need to attract. Promoting businesses may vary quite a bit, depending on what kind of business or service is being offered. It will also depend on how frequently each service is required - some may be one-offs, others may be used on a weekly business.

read more › We've done a lot of graphic design for charities, they've featured a lot in our graphic design work. Many have been really small - maybe with only two or three trustees, others have been a lot bigger - like hospices, some have been international, World Vision is reputed to be the biggest charity in the world. Leaflet design for Peace Hospice Care - a Watford charity offering palliative care in Watford and South West Herts. River Runner, an obstacle sprint including running through parts of the Gade river in Watford's Cassiobury Park.

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