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Magpie Designs We're a Graphic Design studio, based just north of London and specialising in the use of illustration. For more than 14 years we have been designing products that communicate through colour, line, shape, pattern, form, space - but above all style. Our portfolio and client base is diverse, and we love the challenge of something new.

To date, we have been responsible for a complete range of related work - from branding and logo identity, through to anything that can be printed, animations, websites and interactive products.In terms of pure illustration, we provide commissioned images for the advertising, publishing and editorial sectors. We also feel that design is much more than our job - it's a responsibility.

Good design is for everybody! Beyond our commercial client work we have a strong history of leading on creative projects within educational settings and local communities and assisting registered charities achieve their design needs regardless of budget. To compliment our social responisbility as designers, we're committed to eco-firendly printing.

read more › It's no coincidence that our work usually comes to us by word of mouth. We've designed for a diverse range of clients from an equally wide variety of sectors. Everyone has been different in some respect but one thing remains the same - their satisfaction. We find the best way to advertise is to just do our job well.

read more › We love print. Be it either 10,00 flyers or one beautiful book, we can design for you printed material that engages your audience and ensures your message stands out. We have a strong understanding regarding the complexities of print. The best news is that print continues to become more and more eco-friendly - recycled paper stocks, vegetable dyes and cleaner processes all resulting in spectacular results. We've worked hard over the years to identify and work with a range of ethical, green printers that deliver excellent quality consistently for the best prices - many of whom have lead the way in eco-friendly printing practices from the beginning.

read more › A logo needs to convey more than just a name - it can speak volumes if promoted and handled correctly - but first it needs to look the part. Whether your at the start of your business or just having thoughts about giving your business a fresh boost we, can help you create a brand that commands notice. Who are you? What do you do? Who are your clients? These are good questions for any business to ask itself - and few things can answer these questions as succinctly as your identity. We've helped brand a wide range of enterprises from individual start-ups to international companies.

read more › When you need to shine a light on your work, an image can do indeed better than a 1000 words - how about 1000 new customers? We can offer a variety of styles to suit the tone of your needs - from editorial to advertising, publishing to packaging, we can create for you images that captivate and linger long after.

read more › Magpie Designs works consistently within educational settings, and has done since we began. Why schools? Easy - young people themselves are just pure creativity and in our experience, education and learning is an exchange that serves everyone who participates. Our approach when we work with students and educators is to draw from our experience and knowledge to then share our professional design and illustration-based practices through developing effective and engaging approaches to creativity. We've gone on some remarkable journeys with our co-creators, made all the more enjoyable for never knowing the destination at the time.

read more › As a communication designer and illustrator I am deeply invested in how practice and research can inform the disciplines beyond the requirements of the client/brief. Below is an overview of my current research around comparing the mechanisms of empathy, curiosity and wonder within natural history organisations and how design can inspire valuing the difference between them. Recent work centres on generating empathy in regards to biodviersity within science communication settings. Abstract: This practice-lead thesis explores how communication design can generate multispecies thinking and story telling in science communication settings.

read more › Magpie Designs was commissioned as part of a 550,000 regeneration project in North London. Over a year, they project managed the creative delivery for over 30 business premises receiving new signage and facades. Their background in both design and education meant they were able to execute this project working directly with local students and the community. The end result delivered sincere, authentic and highly professional work that garnered much praise from local businesses and all those involved.

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