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C H P Design CHP Design is a Covent Garden, London, based creative consultancy specialising in graphic design. We create visual communications which set businesses apart, to stand out and achieve goals. We create ideas which stick and content which inspires audience recognition. To achieve this we use all of the techniques at the disposal of highly experienced graphic design agency.

Whether it's a new identity, or a simple refresh to existing content - CHP can help. Recent work includes applications for mobile devices and systems which solve real problems and save businesses time. Let us help define what sets you and your business apart. You know your business and your customers. We'll propose graphic design ideas which create and communicate a pin sharp, inspiring message which pushes your business forward.

Whether you're starting a new business, wanting to look again at keeping an established business fresh, or looking at a new promotion - contact us now to arrange a no obligation consultation.

read more › CHP were asked by a well known asset management firm to design an offering memorandum and prospectus pack for two themed financial investment funds. Designed to communicate the geographical area for the basis of the fund's investment strategy, the literature was designed to be produced in English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. The European themed graphics were created from scratch all in house and with specialist typesetting consultancy to ensure correct legibility across all of the languages. Using metallic colours, the funds are differentiated using two striking blue hues of metallic ink.

read more › Digitalk is a telecommunications software development company marketing least cost routing systems for domestic telecommunications to international markets. The brief was to provide an identity which appeals to the widest possible audience, from individual entrepreneurs to national telecomms providers. The branding is designed to provide a technical and fresh feel using a modern type-face. There's also a suggestion of communication, with the logo using two touching coloured blocks. Digitalk have been very successful and have grown considerably, recently being awarded the Deloitte & Touche fast 50 - one of D&T's 50 fastest growing clients.

read more › CHP were asked to create a new identity for healthcare in Camberwell, which incorporates King's College Hospital. As a branding agency, CHP were briefed to create an image which conformed to and was part of a strategy to reconnect with the local community. The image needed to be approachable, yet establishment and obviously still King's - a world famous and well respected hospital. The idea to use a crown as the basis of the logo is an obvious link to King's. The community message is instantly and simultaneously communicated with the use of the illustrated people joining hands.

read more › GNI Ltd, a leading global broker of equity, foreign exchange, metals and derivatives asked CHP to provide branding and graphic design advice for a new on-line trading product. The product trades for a flat fee in real-time at near market maker prices, without the traditional broker bid-offer margin/spread. The target audience for the product being experienced traders specifically, our research quickly identified a name based on the word 'touch', which on a trading floor means 'best buying/selling price available in the market'.

read more › CHP Design created the identity and branding for Solent Capital, a new hedge fund. Our task was to create the hedge fund branding and apply it to stationery, both printed and digital. Having quickly agreed on the name 'Solent Capital', the proposed corporate identity utilised a spinnaker sail in the design. Why a spinnaker? The new fund specialises in structured credit fund management. Credit based investments are seen traditionally as lower risk and therefore returns can be lower, but more predictable.

read more › CHP design were asked to help with the branding for one of the oldest independent schools in the country. Founded in 1576 by William Lambe, Sutton Valence School comprises of two schools educating boys and girls from 3 - 18 years of age. A senior school and a preparatory school, on two separate sites covering a total of around 250 acres. The school is continually reconnecting with various audiences. Parents, Pupils, Staff and the local community - plus a very strong and engaged alumni. To communicate a modern, vibrant, united organisation with a long and proud tradition of providing excellent education.

read more › CHP Design are joint venture partners in Amprep. We named the company, designed the corporate identity and designed and built a corporate website. We also built the web application which is the Amprep platform. Amprep is designed to provide a user-friendly, accessible solution for submission, review and publication of scholarly manuscripts. It's aim is to maximise the throughput of peer review manuscripts and, in turn, the number of articles available to editors for publication. The system is designed to fit into the brand of the corporation/publication for which authors are submitting their documents.

read more › Web application designed to provide public corporate website and a client area to streamline the ordering of offshore hire equipment. The public website contains content managed text sections with push/pull news registration and publication. The design is based on the 'value in a box' idea which inspired the animated cubes on the homepage. The client area features a secure login. Customer user accounts are fully managed via the application. Users are grouped by client corporation. Client corporations are also managed via the application.

read more › CHP Design developed a web application for asset managers and hedge funds to provide secure real-time management of public and restricted access to content. The first version of this went live in 2001 and it has been continuously improved since then. The system administrator has the facility to control access for all levels of users. Content can be generated from low authority users and sent for approval before publication. Public users can be required to accept disclaimers before entering the website.

read more › As part of our standard branding service, CHP Design provide PowerPoint branding as a presentation template. These are useful in all kinds of situations. However, something a little different is sometimes required to really grab and retain audience attention. CHP Design was originally asked to help with safety debriefings for offshore oil workers. Returning from a two-week North Sea Oil platform shift, a standard PowerPoint presentation would literally send them to sleep. CHP designed and built an application for iOs, Android and laptop to help.

read more › An application for publications which require secure online subscriber access to restricted content. New subscribers can signup in realtime for access to restricted articles. Payments can be taken online via WorldPay, PayPal or any other payment provider. Various subscription types are available, from single article access, hard copy only by mail, full online access for individuals or Multiple FTE institutional level access. There is also a comprehensive backend for user account management and general content management.

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