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From rebrands to logo refresh's, brand guidelines, playbooks (including tone of voice development) printed & digital literature (brochures, leaflets, ebooks etc), social campaigns (including content planning, strategy and content creation) video & animation content (including storyboarding). We can help you create social campaigns through from auditing your current content, to developing a strategy, planning the campaign and producing the content ready for you to use.

Content for campaigns will vary but can include static images, stories, gifs, video and animation. Graphic Design in 2018 gave us bright block colour, semi-flat design, responsive logos, striking. We delve into the brand, the market and where you sit. We then develop initial concepts, from there we develop the chosen logos into more refined options.

We look at colours and how to develop the brand into a well rounded piece of communication that hits all of your wants and needs for your business. Once this process is complete, the logo and it's elements are supplied to you.

read more › Graphic Design in 2018 gave us bright block colour, semi-flat design, responsive logos, striking product photography, photography overlays, gradients and an ever increasing need for simple navigation. Data points are where infographics are born. It is the information that you deem most important within the data you have collected based on a specific topic.

read more › Logo Design can be a complicated process, however I aim to make it as simple as I can for my client. It can start with just a doodle with an idea or concept. I talk through the doodle, idea or concept with the client and go on to produce a range of mood boards, research based on their market positioning (present or future) and well as that I like to look at the brand in context. How it might look across the literature, website or even app (if applicable). From feedback and conversations with the client (after submitting the mood boards to them) I then develop a range of initial concepts and ideas to be reviewed by the client.

read more › Branding is the way that your business is represented to the world. How its audience and target market will see it and how you attract new customers and partners. Branding is how a company is represented to its customers and clients. It is how a company flows across multiple platforms to provide a consistent customer experience. After learning about your business and what your USP is - we would then look at the styles, industries and where you fit in, this helps the branding and the company logo be better placed within its home surroundings.

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