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Established in 1996, Signatures is a forward-thinking, multi-disciplined design agency based in Christchurch, Dorset. We specialise in design for print, combining creative flair with business acumen to deliver well-rounded solutions to all kinds of projects. Targeted print projects remain the back bone of many of our clients marketing agendas.

So if you are looking for a new logo, a full brand identity make-over, literature or driving through a successful advertising campaign, Signatures Design can transform your ideas into reality.Where we've been: The agency was founded by Yvonne Elliott-King who remains as the creative director today. Yvonne owes her early success in her career to the experience gained with two key employers, the Atomic Energy Authority and Liverpool Victoria.

The AEA provided an opportunity to work on the international scientific exhibition circuit, designing award-winning exhibition stands, and preparing scientific papers and journals for publication. The objective was to inform and educate.

read more › The application of sound graphic design principles makes any presentation immediately more pleasing to the eye and can make it stand out from the crowd. Signatures believes that targeted print projects are still at the forefront of our clients' marketing agendas, as printed communication can engage the consumer both by its tactile nature and by being a strong source of brand awareness. The one 'free' opportunity we see most businesses miss out on to promote their businesses is with their stationery.

read more › Creating a strong and unique brand is important for any organisation no matter what their purpose or size. Brand image promotes user-recognition, increases sales and protects market-share. Depending upon our client's individual needs we can deliver a branding specification for a few hundred pounds. Some of our larger clients will regularly spend thousands of pounds just to conceive a logo and user-test it before committing to developing a brand around it. It pays to do so and you can test for yourself how branding works at a subliminal level by reflecting what made you buy what you did the last time you went grocery shopping, or bought a drink at the bar.

read more › Selling is the second oldest profession and the Internet has done nothing to change the rules of what makes effective advertising work. Internet advertising is great for national and international markets and it does have the unparalleled advantage of being instant and tweakable in real-time. That said, nothing beats the traditional routes to market through hard-copy print for winning business from local customers. What continues to excite us is the buzz of working with clients to develop successful marketing campaigns across radio, print and social media to make the best use of the budgets they have available.

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