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D & M Creative We embrace creativity, plan strategically and deliver smarter communications with sole desire of connecting our clients with new opportunities. We're passionate about design, 'up-front' in our approach and absolutely believe in every project that leaves our studio! We craft and create digital content from infographics, fast paced video, cutting edge websites (with a focus on user experience) to more traditional methods such as brand creation and modernisation, brochures or intricate and intelligent mail campaigns.

We've been advising our clients for light years and it's their successes that got us where we are today. Your audience exists, your business already proves that. Let's put your brand on an even bigger stage and truly entertain, inspire and educate your audience that you're right for them. Our goal is to recruit, convince and then look after your customers.

If your products and services are exceptional, then it's only fair that we share them through our brilliantly creative media channels and let them benefit from your hard work.

read more › 17 years in the business (of improving the results of others) has given us our edge. The journey since 2002 has seen technology soar to new heights, yet we believe the tech journey has only just scratched the surface of possiblity. Data led marketing, advertising that follows you around, messages aimed purely at your behavioural history are all streamlined and efficient marketing techniques, however, we must keep our customers eyes and minds open to all of the alteratives. The resurgence of retro methods such as high quality printed brochures, something you can touch or feel that doesn't require a charger.

read more › What we do is dead simple. We help our clients to entice more customers and win more business through better marketing, beautifully balanced branding and hard hitting advertising campaigns. Our pencils are always at the ready, our Mac's are always raring to go and our best work is always yet to come. If you're looking for a North West marketing agency near Manchester, you're in the right place. If you're keen to get your products and services moving at a pace never witnessed before, drop our Marketing Director, Morgan an email here: m.rothwell@dandmcreative.com.

read more › At D&M we work with companies that require input into some or all areas of their marketing. For example, it may be you're launching a new product or service, looking for input on your marketing strategy or advice and guidance on implementing your marketing plan. It's easy to miss the glaringly obvious sometimes and using a company like ours ensures you have an independent and fresh view. Since 2002 we've worked with hundreds of companies across multiple sectors and have the experience and knowledge to guide you through both traditional and modern methods of marketing.

read more › We can work onsite with you at your premises, in our design studio in Burnley or at our Photography studio in Colne. Michael, our Photographer, has many years of experience in the field and is always ready to deliver the best images for your project. With almost 40 years experience in the commercial industry we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with us to every shoot. Working throughout the North West and the rest of the UK we can provide a purpose built studio set-up or we can 'bring the studio' to you.

read more › Once we've got 'under the skin' of your business, our network of copywriters and content creators can keep you current online. A new infographic, video or simply a great article can generate serious traffic if pushed correctly. Our age of information has revolutionised the way that we communicate with our customers. We can push messages instantly, promote new opportunities and, if we're organised enough, be the first to share vital information to our audiences. The information race has never been so critical to businesses seeking to stay ahead of their competitors.

read more › It's crucial to take the right steps now and consider what will make for a successful social strategy for your business this year. Below are a few guiders to think about before doing anything else. Over 80% of our UK based adult population are predicted to be actively using Facebook in 2019. That's a staggering statistic. It's important to understand exactly who your audience is, what that looks like and then deliver the information and messages that will appeal directly to them. Creating clear goals for you social strategy based on statistical insights can offer a realistic plan for your business objectives.

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