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Big Beans We offer brilliantly creative concepts for any design brief from our Cumbrian clients, whether new logo or full brand overhaul. A uniquely bespoke agency, we use joined-up thinking to return a unified response to your client brief, tailoring our creative strategies to offer an all-in-one, end-to-end design solution. Plus, we can colour in outside lines.

The look of our business had become stale and that fed into how I was starting to feel about it too. The Big Beans redesign was like a spring clean, like opening up the windows again. I was really impressed with my personalised print. Claire was very professional (and patient!). She listened to my ideas and created something totally unique, and better than I imagined.

Thank you Claire. I would definitely recommend Big Beans!

read more › The key to great graphic design is high visual impact. You're here because you're selling something, the best way to sell something is to attract business with shiny things. We will take your branding ideas and concepts by their Cumbrian roots, and make them as interactive, engaging and attractive as you need them to be. We will turn your idea into the biggest brightest big yellow taxi in Carlisle. But, it's still your baby! We liaise with you to give you what you need, you can come to our studio in Carlisle, give us your vision, ideas and sketches, or even just words from your mouth and we'll get to work until we create exactly the graphic art you want.

read more › From offline marketing through to digital media, we live in an age that is led by design, obsessed with the curves and with the edges of life. The rather pert bottom line is that there's simply no point manufacturing tiaras, then advertising them with sandwich boards and packaging them in brown paper bags. Whatever your business - whether blue chip or fish and chip - you will need to think about aesthetics, about the way you front on to the world. Your business or enterprise should present itself with a unified, holistic identity that will cross over from the physical to the digital.

read more › Elegant, expressive creativity runs through our design dna and informs every stage of the creative and implementation stages of our work. We believe there are endless possibilities of beauty, even in a simple bean. In our eyes, a bean is never merely a bean. It is a mirror ball, circling and illuminating the most fabulous dancefloor on the planet.

read more › The first step is to get to know you and your business through an initial consultation. At that point we can talk through your design requirements and get a sense of the style and tone of the work required. You will then complete a design brief and questionnaire, in which we work together to outline precisely what is required. Big Beans will then begin the thorough research process that will conclude how best to bring that brief to life.

read more › You're going to want to take that red hot Cumberland fire inside of you and burn it into the meaty flesh of your industry. Your sizzling brand is the stamp you embed into the brains of all your potential clients from the waterside of Whitehaven to the winding lanes beyond Windermere. You know us. BIG BEANS! We Jump, we're saucy, we're full of Carlisle's rich, caffeinated goodness, alive and kicking and we can help you be who you truly are. If you didn't know us before. And we can turn your business into one too; become a household name not just in Carlisle or whichever part of Cumbria you're from, but perhaps we can help you with your goal of COMPLETE GLOBAL DOMINATION! (Unless you're an evil corporation, not cool guys.)

read more › Say you've written a children's book. A wondrous tome filled with dragons, trolls, Cumbrian Boggets, guardians of all that is just and true. It could sell a gajillion copies! Except that the little stick people scrawled into it don't quite cut the mustard. You're an artist. You're just not an illustration artist. What you need is an illustrator. You need someone who can take your concept and bring it to life, here in Cumbria: give it some pizzazz! Give it some Big Beans; freshly roasted in the coffee shops of Carlisle!

read more › We all know a famous logo design when we see one! A logo is one of, if not, the most inspirational part of your brand identity whether you are Cumbrian through and through or ambitious for attention across the North and the Borders. Your company's logo is what gives your business its face, so you and our designers will work together to create a logo design that stands out and shows the true Cumbria colours of your website. We, at Big Beans in Carlisle, take the beauty of Cumbria: then we grind and grind; until we can pour a hot steaming cup of creative satisfaction into your lap.

read more › Marketing collateral isn't the pretend job Tom Cruise had in that film where he's a silver fox and he kills people; it's the physical aspect of advertising that your business needs to get the ball rolling in the real world of Cumbria and the Borders' business and retail communities. Meat space if you will. Flyers to hand out in the street, posters to put up in take-aways so that the party people of Carlisle know exactly where to get their signage for their mobile dog grooming business. Something to really impress the boys down at the office in the digital heart of Kendal; hand out during Cumbria Chamber of Commerce networking events or pin to the board in that cute little Cockermouth coffee shop.

read more › Big Beans is delighted to detail its design offer, grouped into two initial transformational packages. One, the 'Basic Green Bean' package. In addition, if there are other Big Bean services you have noticed on the 'Services' page that you feel would be useful, these might be incorporated as bespoke 'bolt-ons', to either of these two packages, in consultation with The Queen Bean. Following your completion of a questionnaire, your requirements will be reviewed here at Big Beans. We will then undertake the relevant research to understand both your own business, and where it sits within the marketplace.

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