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Sames & Littlejohns Exciting topics, real-world adventures, the great outdoors and the wider community - Threemilestone Primary School use all these and more to inspire curiosity and wonder in their pupils. Kernow Controls design, manufacture, install and maintain powerful yet simple controls for building management, HVAC and Life Safety systems.

From upgrades and optimisation for schools and hotels, to consultancy and new installs for the likes of Crossrail and Heathrow Airport, their unrivalled experience and exacting standards are trusted by contractors and facilities managers across the UK.Pinetum Gardens is unlike any other estate of its kind. Boasting 30 acres of tranquility that belies its position on the fringe of St Austell - it's an easily accessible haven for people to escape to, a special place to take the time to enjoy those simple moments in life.

To succeed in health or social care you must possess basic maths, English, digital and vocational skills. Local London Flexi-Learn offers free specialist health and social care qualifications to those currently employed by, or seeking employment in the health and social care sector.

read more › At some point in time, for one reason or another, we all want to be noticed, to stand out in a crowd, to command people's attention. It's not rocket science to know that when you have something amazing to share, just how well you present your offer to the wider world will bear greatly upon the scale of its success. Be it to influence a behaviour, or to promote an idea, product or service, design is one of the most powerful mediums by which we connect and communicate with those around us. Great design is distinct, memorable.

read more › James Kittow is the sixth generation of a farming dynasty that has become synonymous with outstanding butchery within Cornwall. With three branches of the family running food-based businesses, namely 'Kittow's of Fowey' - owned and operated by James's father, 'Kittow's Quality Meats' - the Holmbush branch of the family, and then his own 'Kittow's Butchers of Kilhallon', he felt there was a need, for everyones benefit, to help customers better understand who's who. The comments from the public and my customers have been full of praise, and the admiration for the illustration of the bull just never stops!

read more › Managing waste is an issue at the front of all our minds, and even more so for large institutions such as Falmouth University and the University of Exeter - whom have almost 4000 students spread across two campuses in Cornwall. With a desire to promote their sustainability policies and to encourage students to do their bit in helping limit the impact they have on the environment, FX Plus (the shared student services arm of the universities) sought support in the development of a marketing campaign that did just that.

read more › The main challenge of our food retail branding project was to create a common identity that could be translated across three very different locations, with equally different environments; from a simple serving hatch, to a sunny caf terrace and a more formal lobby setting. The brand needed to be appealing to both building clients and the wider business and academic communities, so to encourage footfall through the Centres as part of our client attraction strategy. The team at Sames & Littlejohns helped us to generate the brief and determine the positioning of the offering, which made the process far easier than we expected.

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