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Bag Of Bees Design We help people understand brands better. Each of the clients on this website came to us with the exact same brief. They had the ambition to grow their business and needed the help of a creative team to do it. Sometimes this was achieved by designing a website, to better communicate their service. Sometimes it was their brand design that needed untangling after years of working without a clear visual strategy.

For others we had to interrogate layers of complicated history, just to express what we found through a beautifully simple business name.

read more › If Branding is the process of distilling what your core business is, Graphic Design is how you will communicate that to your audience. It is the method of expression for your brand's values, personality and information. Whether the finished piece is a printed brochure, a range of packaging or a digital advert, the quality of finish and attention to detail will influence the audience's perception of your brand. We work with your budget, goals and brand guidelines to produce beautiful and impactful design concepts.

read more › The quality of our work speaks for itself but added to this is our equally-important behind the scenes professionalism and customer care that makes working with us a pleasure. Our clients have confidence that we are delivering designs with their best interests at heart and they reward us with their continued trust. Our company has been built on the understanding that design is a critical business service. One that needs a methodical and serious approach. But we don't forget that we are working with people and that our process must enhance theirs.

read more › Given the Global health crisis, and the current Government advice, we have made the decision to close our physical studio on the Lisburn Road for the foreseeable future and have now made provisions for all staff to work from home. Our first concern is to protect our staff, our clients, our families, and the people we all meet day-to-day. During this time we will carry on all ongoing Design work and will continue to support our clients and any new enquiries as best we can. Any external meetings will now be conducted via phone or online - our team members will reach out to you directly to make these arrangements as needed.

read more › Your passion, your data, your ambition, meets our ideas, our enthusiasm, our experience. All this potential energy needs direction. We channel it through our meticulous creative method to shape your brand, crafting something beautiful and unique. A deceptively simple brand expression, thoughtfully articulated, which feels like it's the only result you could ever have considered. Our goal for a brand design project is to develop a clever, simple brand system which will be easy to use and expand on in future.

read more › We only produce unique, ideas-led websites which are custom built for each client's needs. No two sites look the same because no two brands are the same. Our enthusiasm is infectious and we are always on hand to explain complicated systems in plain English. The aim is to make you feel like we are a trusted and skilled part of your team, with the same goals in mind. We have developed a methodical process for delivering website design projects on deadline and on budget. Development is split into 3 milestones, each with defined deliverables from us and from you, which means we are working side by side with you and things are always moving forward.

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